• Pruning and culling of

    trees and plants

Pruning and felling of trees and plants

Gelsomino Tree Service deals with pruning and felling of trees and plants

The pruning and demolition of trees and plants made by Gelsomino Tree Service is always guaranteed.

We work all over Piedmont, having already many customers in Asti, Alba, Turin, Alessandria.

Offering the highest quality in the care and maintenance of plants and gardens does not mean stopping at the planning and installation, but also offering accurate services of pruning and felling of trees and plants with stems. The company Gelsomino Tree Service of Asti is able to offer these treatments offering the best solutions on the market, with certain results and an excellent knowledge of the sector.

Pruning a tree, if not done correctly, can damage it and distort it in appearance, so we must rely on professionals able to reduce the risk of falling branches and to keep the plant aesthetically ordered.

The gardeners of Gelsomino Tree Service will also be able to promote the penetration of light and air circulation, two very important factors in the development of a beautiful and healthy plant. Among the other services related to pruning, there is the dry remover, that is the removal of the now dry parts, the pruning of formation, which must be carried out in the first years of life to favor the strongest branches, and the return one , to thin out the foliage properly.

In addition to pruning, Gelsomino Tree Service also offers the service of felling trees, which can be partial or total, for example when there is no more space in the garden or the structure of the plant is irreparably damaged. Depending on the need, our gardeners will be able to guarantee the most effective solution, with "tree climbing" techniques that will allow high-level work in complete safety.


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