• Maintenance of private gardens

    and public green areas

Maintenance of private gardens and public green areas

Gelsomino Tree Service deals with maintenance of private gardens and public green areas

The maintenance of private gardens and of the public green made by Gelsomino Tree Service is always guaranteed.

We work all over Piedmont, having already many customers in Asti, Alba, Turin, Alessandria.

We design, build and maintain many green areas belonging to the PRIVATE homes, as well as the related irrigation systems and swimming pools.

The projects of the PRIVATE green areas managed by us respond to the needs of the private client proposing practical and personalized solutions through a series of services that range from the design of gardens of different ornamental styles, to the realization of the same with the site's constant and controlled management, to the maintenance of the green space created by means of innovative equipment.

The design services of the PRIVATE gardens all involve an initial inspection and are based on a careful study of materials and plants to be used with attention to their compositions and combinations. The definition of the project of the green space is therefore always the result of a creative and planning path oriented by a preliminary phase of detailed analysis and carried out in full compliance with the preferences expressed by the client.

Our services can include lighting design, automatic irrigation systems, computerized systems and underground pools, including a scheduled maintenance service and after-sales assistance.

The maintenance service for the PRIVATE green areas is carried out with state-of-the-art equipment and includes ordinary and extraordinary services including, periodically, the mowing of the turf and the pruning of hedges, creepers and trees.


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