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Green Bonus 2019

Gelsomino Tree Service has an agreement for the Green Bonus 2019

Green Bonus 2019: this is how deduction for gardens and terraces works

The green bonus is nothing but another Irpef deduction linked to the house. To be facilitated, however, this time it is not the brick but the green.

Taxpayers can deduct 36% of the documented expenses related to the green, up to a maximum of 5 thousand euros for each housing unit (which means a total deduction of 1,800). At the moment there is no list of cases of interventions with reference to which one can benefit from the facilitation. The law states that the eligible expenses will be those dedicated to:

- green areas of private open areas of existing buildings, real estate units, appurtenances or fences, irrigation systems and construction of wells

- construction of green roofs and hanging gardens

The deduction will also be for the costs incurred for work carried out on the common external parts of the condominium, always up to a maximum limit of 5 thousand euro per unit. In this case, the deduction is due to the individual condominium, within the limit of the amount attributable to him, provided that the quota has actually been paid to the condominium within the deadline for submitting the tax return.

Among the eligible expenditures will also include those of planning and maintenance related to the execution of the interventions.

Payments, as is already the case for other deductions linked to the house, must be performed with suitable tools to allow the traceability of operations.

The deduction will then be divided into the declaration, in ten annual installments (the maximum of the quota will be 180 Euro 1,800 / 10).


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