• Irrigation systems for

    lawns and gardens

Irrigation systems for lawns and gardens

Gelsomino Tree Service deals with Irrigation systems for lawns and gardens

The Garden Irrigation systems made by Gelsomino Tree Service have an excellent quality / price ratio.

We work all over Piedmont, having already many customers in Asti, Alba, Turin, Alessandria.

Another aspect to consider in order to have a well-kept garden is IRRIGATION. The right amount of water necessary for the good growth of your essences can be deduced from the type of soil, the position of the plants and the climate. This information allows us to program (through the appropriate tools) the irrigation of your garden and then sprinkle with the right amount in order to keep your plants and your garden in excellent condition.

We realize automated irrigation systems through different phases such as: the excavation, the laying of the pipes, the installation of the solenoid valves, the water and electrical connection and finally we carry out the testing to make sure that everything works properly.

We use products such as rain sensors, humidity sensors, timed control units, low consumption sprinklers that allow a considerable saving of water.

Our systems can be controlled by bluetooth or WiFi programmers with free application.


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